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Second Mile Mission Center helps Fort Bend County residents in poverty and crisis by providing basic needs and opportunities to take next steps in their lives. While people are drawn to Second Mile for immediate needs such as food or health care, many begin to shift their focus to long-term goals of self-sufficiency for themselves and their family.

Our approach is to develop relationships of dignity, honor and respect. Through these relationships, people in need renew hope and develop as leaders.

Second Mile has grown to provide equipping programs such as financial education, job training, and financial assistance. Special services offered during the year include back-to-school supplies and a Christmas toy store.

We are committed to listening to the people we serve, improving and refining our services, and leveraging resources as we collaborate with other organizations. We have tested and proven processes to serve a high volume of families with a personal touch, to manage large amounts of in-kind donations, and to coordinate volunteers.



Out of 500 programs in southeast Texas, the Houston Food Bank selected Second Mile Mission Center as its 2013 Bandini Award winner, an honor given to programs that go above and beyond and are an example to others. In 2015, Second Mile was named the Houston Food Bank’s first and only Platinum-level pantry out of pantries in 18 southeast Texas counties. In 2017, we continue at this level with 16 other food pantries. We meet this standard due to providing more than just food and by adapting to client needs. We provide evening and weekend hours of service, and we conduct food programs in mobile and partner locations throughout the county. We offer a combination of social services, including health care. This allows a more holistic, client-centered approach to meeting needs. The Houston Food Bank’s Director of Agency Services Terence Franklin said, “Second Mile Mission is a great partner by not only providing food, but making the extra effort to offer other services, resources and convenient hours to the community in Fort Bend County.”



Listening & Serving Basic Needs

For children living in poverty, a lack of food can delay growth and learning. Children facing hunger are more likely to repeat a grade in school or have behavioral challenges. Second Mile provides fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods to families in need. Around 40% of the people we serve are children.

Seniors in need often face decisions like whether to pay for their light bill or a doctor’s visit. This is debilitating for seniors with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or blood pressure. At Second Mile, people who qualify receive free medical care from compassionate health professionals.


Equipping Neighbors to Grow

Second Mile helps families learn about budgeting, saving, and getting out of debt. This helps ensure they stay financially fit and stop the cycle of poverty.

When we survey our neighbors, two of their major challenges are finances and jobs. Second Mile connects neighbors in need with stable jobs to help them get back on their feet.

When you help your neighbor have a meal, manage their finances, or get and keep a job, you equip them to step out of poverty and live into their purpose.


Connecting to Christ & Community

We help our neighbors grow in their faith, live into their strengths, and become leaders in their community.